Common Name

Common Name Leaf Color
Annual Saltmarsh Aster Alternate Pink/White
Bahaman Aster Opposite White
Barbara’s Buttons Alternate Pink/White
Beach Elder Opposite Green
Beach Sunflower Alternate Yellow
Blackeyed Susan Alternate Yellow
Blackroot Alternate White
Blue Mistflower Opposite Blue/Pink
Camphorweed Alternate Yellow
Canadian Horseweed Alternate White
Chapman’s Gayfeather Alternate Pink/Purple
Chapman’s Goldenrod Alternate Yellow
Cinchweed Opposite Yellow
Climbing Aster Alternate Pink/White
Climbing Hempvine Opposite White
Coastalplain goldenaster Alternate Yellow
Coastalplain Palafox Alternate White
Coastalplain Tickseed Alternate Yellow
Coatbuttons Opposite White
Common Ragweed Opposite White
Cure-For-All Alternate Pink/White
Dense Gayfeather Alternate Pink/Purple
Dog Fennel Opposite White
Doll’s Daisy Alternate White
Early Whitetop Fleabane Alternate White
Elephants Foot Basal Pink/Purple
False Daisy Opposite White
False Fennel Opposite White
Feay’s Palafox Alternate Pink/White
Feverfew Alternate White
Fireweed Alternate Yellow/Red
Flat Top goldenrod Alternate Yellow
Florida Keys Hempvine Opposite White
Garber’s Gayfeather Alternate Pink/Purple
Giant Ironweed Alternate Pink/Purple
Groundseltree Alternate White
Hawksweed Basal Yellow
Honeycomb Head Alternate Yellow
Jack-in-the-bush Opposite White
Larkdaisy Alternate Purple
Lateflowering Thoroughwort Opposite White
Marsh Elder Opposite Green
Mohr’s Thoroughwort Opposite White
Nuttall’s Thistle Alternate Purple
Oakleaf Fleabane Alternate White & Yellow
Oriental False Hawksbeard Basal Yellow & Yellow
Paintbrush Alternate Pink/Purple
Pinebarren Goldenrod Alternate Yellow
Pinebarren Whitetop Alternate White
Pineland Chaffhead Alternate Pink/Purple
Pineland Daisy Basal White
Purple Thistle Alternate Purple
Rayless Goldenrod Alternate Yellow
Red Tasselflower Alternate Red
Redflower Ragleaf Alternate Pink/Red
Rice Button Aster Alternate Pink/White
Rose-Rush Basal Pink/White
Rosey Camphorweed Alternate Pink/White
Roundleaf Thoroughwort Opposite White
Saltbush Alternate White
Seaside Oxeye Opposite Yellow
Shortleaf Gayfeather Alternate Pink/Purple
Silk Grass Alternate Yellow & Yellow
Simmonds’ Aster Alternate Pink & Yellow
Slender Gayfeather Alternate Pink/Purple
Smallfruit Beggar Ticks Opposite Yellow
Snakeroot Opposite White
Snow squarestem Opposite White
Southern Sneezeweed Alternate Yellow
Spanish Needles Opposite White
Spiny Sowthistle Alternate Yellow
Stinking Camphorweed Alternate Pink/White
Strangler Daisy Opposite Yellow & Yellow
Swamp Sunflower Opposite Yellow & Yellow
Swamp Sunflower Opposite Yellow & Brown
Sweetscent Alternate Pink/Purple
Vanillaleaf Alternate Pink/Purple
Wand Goldenrod Alternate Yellow & Yellow
Wedelia Opposite Yellow & Yellow
White Crownbeard Alternate White & White
Whitetop Aster Alternate White & White
Yellowtops Opposite Yellow

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